SHANN HURST tries to capture the whimsical nature of things that have always sparked the imagination of his youth.

Born and raised in the Hoosier heartland, Shann primarily makes his home on the coasts. He feels blessed to be alive at a time when technology has now given artists the freedom to express themselves on a mass level without having to sacrifice creativity and ambition.

If he can produce an image or story that can evoke an emotion, preferably a chuckle, then Shann has considered his work successful.

After 25 years of battling an autoimmune disease which included two liver transplants and several other surgeries, Shann has learned the lesson of by confronting death, he learned to embrace life.

Since his latest transplant, Shann has moved to NYC, become a successful personal trainer at Equinox Fitness.  Published several books and has started a new career in Stand Up Comedy.




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